Who We Are

Greensboro Global Academy offers a non-sectarian educational program that is based in Greensboro, North Carolina. We have set our homeport on the American Hebrew Academy campus, which has been owned and operated for 20 years. Its location and local connections, as well as its familiarity with the campus, enables it to offer a customized and thoughtful program for our unique student body.

GGA provides instruction in Science, Social Studies, Math, Reading, Writing, Physical Education, and English as a Second Language, in accordance with the North Carolina Department of Education academic standards. GGA provides these educational services to our students ages 13-17. Instruction will take place for six hours per day, five days per week, except for federal holidays.

Our Teachers

With the same passion and striving for excellence, our teachers come from many diverse backgrounds, years of experience, and educational disciplines. GGA is proud to create career opportunities and mission growth with our local Triad area teachers, and we are excited to create a positive environment for our students. 

Our Curriculum

GGA's curriculum consists of a unique blend of educational services that prioritize trauma-informed care while setting the foundation for future success for our students. 

Literacy & Numeracy Skills

Acquisition of literacy and numeracy skills in learning labs will consist of cohorts of teenage students that are supported by an educator and assistant while taking in person and online courses.

Student Opportunities

Our students have the opportunity to explore the arts, nature, and vocation. GGA will utilize the vast property and resources available to have the students engage in choice courses. Students also have opportunities to take courses in the arts, sports, outdoor studies, cooking, etc.

Trauma-Informed Care

Deployed Services will be scheduled into each learner’s program in the form of teacher advisory sessions. These sessions will create an environment of healing and recovery through support services that focus on developing personal empowerment through small group meetings and activities along with individualized care.

Culture & Identity 

Culture and identity focus will exist as the heart of GGA's curriculum. Our students will connect with who they are while gaining an understanding of the society they are entering.

If you'd like to learn more about Deployed Services, click here.