The Office of Refugee Resettlement at GGA

General Statistics: Age Breakdown of unaccompanied youth to U.S. by Fiscal Year

*Data acquired from the Office of Refugee Resettlement

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are large amounts of children coming to the US?

Explained by our experts, children resort to migrating to the U.S. because their basic human needs are not met at home such as water, shelter, safety, and food. Many children have fled extreme violence in their home countries, and some are trafficked into the country.

How many students will we have in our care?

We could have up to 800 students on our campus. GGA and our partners will work to unify our students with their parent, guardian, or sponsor in the next several months.

How long will our students stay at GGA?

Our students enrolled at GGA are awaiting reunification with their families, guardians or sponsors. GGA's goal is to best educate our students while they are under our care before being reunified with their guardians. We are simply the stepping stone to their success.

Is GGA a detention center?

No, GGA will have youth in dormitories, eating in the dining hall, accessing treatment in the health center, and will live as students. GGA continues to operate as we have always done: educate and create a positive atmosphere for our students.

Our staff and partners are highly trained as teachers, assistant teachers, and youth care workers, and they are determined to provide the best care to our students.

Resources for minors, parents, guardians, and sponsors

HELP LINE 1 (800) 203-7001 |

Minors who may need assistance or parents looking for their child, please visit: ORR Assistance Resource

You can learn more about the Office of Refugee Resettlement here.